A Final Prayer

June 11, 2017
What does Jesus ask of the Father before He leaves? I.         Jesus prays for glory. (1-5, 24) II.         Jesus prays for protection. (6-15) III.         Jesus prays for sanctification. (16-19) IV.        …
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-12 | Preacher: Josh Scherrer | Series: Incarnation Series 2016 Jesus was born a king, so we ought to worship Him. In this Christmas sermon, pastor Josh Scherrer looks to the wise men of Matthew 2 for lessons on worship.
Bible Text: 1 Kings 21 | Preacher: Josh Scherrer | Series: 1 Kings Josh Scherrer helps us answer these questions: I. What is the Cost of Coveting? II. What is the Cost of Mercy?
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