Sovereign Love

May 27, 2018
God shows his sovereign love to those in Christ by… Allowing the Spirit to Speak for Us (v.26-27) Working all Things for our Good (v.28) Revealing God’s Chosen Plan for…
Those who are Heirs with Christ possess 3 qualities: 1. They Are Led by the Spirit (v.12-14) 2. They Are Adopted as Sons (v.15-16) 3. They Are Given Jesus’ Inheritance…

The War Within

March 25, 2018
Three battles in the soul of the Christian: Law vs. Sin Desire vs. Ability Law vs. Law So then, who will set me free?

No Longer Bound?

March 4, 2018
Truth statement: If we are joined to Christ, we are no longer bound by the law. An Illustration: Marriage (v.1-3) The Example: Christians (v.4-6)
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