The mystery revealed: Israel hardened to save Gentiles. Gentiles saved in its fullness. Israel saved in its fullness. God is Faithful to His Promises God is Rich in Mercy

Meeting God

October 28, 2018
The Lord appears to Moses (1-3) The Lord calls Moses (4-9) The Lord commissions Moses (10-12)

A Remnant of Grace

October 14, 2018
Has God rejected his people? NO!  The Proof of God's Plan (v. 1-5) The Reality of the Remnant (v. 6-10)

Dealing with Guilt

September 23, 2018
We deal with our guilt by… Seeking God’s Attention Appealing to God’s Character Desiring God’s Glory

Hindrances to Salvation

September 16, 2018
Paul highlights 2 hindrances to the Jews coming to salvation: Zeal for God Without Knowledge Pursuit of God Without Righteousness