Be Strong and Courageous

September 4, 2016
Pastor Brian teaches how we can have strength and courage today by looking at the presence and character of God with His servant Joshua.
Bible Text: Ezekiel 11 | Preacher: Brian Croft | Series: Ezekiel Pastor Brian shows how Jesus is the fulfillment of God's promises to defend his name and to establish a new covenant.
Bible Text: Ezekiel 10 | Preacher: Brian Croft | Series: Ezekiel Pastor Brian describes God's presence, its departure from Israel, and its reality in Christians' lives.
Bible Text: Ezekiel 1 | Preacher: Brian Croft | Series: Ezekiel Pastor Brian interprets Ezekiel's vision and calls Christians to marvel at, submit to, and draw near to God.
Bible Text: 1 Kings 6 | Preacher: Josh Scherrer Josh Scherrer describes the temple, God's dwelling place, and asks, "How is it possible for God to dwell with his people?"
Bible Text: Joshua 1:1-9 | Preacher: Nathan Eikenberry Nathan Eikenberry encourages Christians to pursue courageous lives by meditating on God's word, remembering God's presence with them, and considering Christ's example.

Haggai 1

July 28, 2013
Bible Text: Haggai 1 | Preacher: Douglas Allison Douglas Allison reminds us that Christians are the temple of the Holy Spirit and God is always with us.  He exhorts us to pursue godly living.

A Final Request

June 23, 2013
Bible Text: 2 Timothy 4:9-22 | Preacher: Adam Grusy | Series: 2 Timothy Pastor Grusy unpacks the final section of Paul's letter to Timothy.  He reminds us to avoid the pull of the world and to remember Christ's continual presence.